Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'd rather be writing...oh and I am.
I finally sent out queries for Far Away Hills late last year after much contemplation. So far, I've received a few responses; all rejections, though a few were personal responses, which is always nice.
I am now at work at sending out more queries.

Meanwhile, I'm busy at work at writing up a synopsis for my second novel, All Heaven Allows aka Body and Soul, another commercial women's fiction book and one I'm equally excited about it....

This is a story about Hollywood, about actors and actresses and the subtle yet intricate way that some of their lives intermingle. It is a tale of love, forgiveness, the dynamics of family, making mistakes, accepting, letting go and moving forward.
Sixty two year old Diana Masters has just divorced husband number six and with that, she lost half of her assets in a nasty divorce and has sworn off men. That is until forty year old attorney Michael Sandoval reenters her life and sweeps her off her feet. Her dear friend and Michael’s younger sister, Samantha Steed seems to have the perfect life, but inner demons, a greedy louse of an ex-husband, and lingering health problems threaten to destroy the fragile world she created. Still reeling from her divorce of six years ago, she tries not to get involved with the one man she should have married.  Network President Richard Berry has loved Sam for the last seven years, but she married another and her short marriage ended in divorce. Out of pain and rejection, he married another on a spur of the weekend in Las Vegas and regrets his choice. He’s back in town to look out for Sam, and if she’ll have him, make her a part of his life forever. First, he must get rid of his wife, Lorraine Barrett. ...
And there's more to come....After one more edit, I will begin to query and see what happens.
Meanwhile, I'm also busy with working on the sequel to Body and Soul, which proves to be as emotionally tugging as the previous two novels. We shall see where this one leads to....

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