Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A year from now you will wish you started today. Don't wait. Don't delay. Start writing today!
Don't make the same mistake I made. And whatever you do don't let that passion get away. whatever it takes; keep writing!

I wrote eight novels over the course of ten years and stopped due to an overwhelming amount of rejections and returned to work in education instead. However, my love of writing never waned, even though I believe you can do anything you set your mind to,  I just couldn’t deal with the rejections anymore. I know it’s all part of the game. I thought I had a tough hide, though it evidently softened as the rejections piled up. I happened to see a writer that I admire on the Piers Morgan show from March 2011 on YouTube and thanks to the encouragement displayed there, I found my passion for writing again and am working on a third novel. I am still receiving rejection letters, but thanks to her passion for writing, this time I aim not to give up. I aspire to be published, though whether I get published or not this time, I found my passion for writing again and that was because of this writer. I love writing, I have to write and I don’t see myself doing anything else, and don’t think I would have gone back to it at all if not for that little bit of encouragement “about having passion for something”  I heard on that talk show.  Thank you to Miss Jackie Collins. "Girls can do anything!"
Women can do anything and a great deal of the time can do it better than men.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Today I spent the day raking leaves while wishing I was writing; even editing would have been better, though I must admit that I do relish being out in the fresh air and sunshine. Yes, where we live there is sunshine and the dark, dank, cold, harsh bitterness of winter resides up north rather than down here.
Ah-the south-it's a beautiful place to be, especially during this time of year.
So-what shall it be? Writing or editing this week, or both. I'm so busy at both that I don't know where to go next, but we shall see.
First off, I really must finish the sequel to my novel All Heave Allows and then begin the sequel to Far Away Hills. We shall see where it leads to. I sent out some more queries for Far Away Hills today and I wait with bated breath.
Until next time....hang in there. Have a great day!

Friday, January 17, 2014

"You're too good to quit." I just read this in a newsletter I receive from an agent that interests me. I'll be sure to remember this as the rejections roll in for Far Away Hills.
This is a holiday weekend and I'm looking forward to spending it writing, writing and more writing.
I haven't queried for All Heaven Allows yet, since I have yet to perfect the synopsis. UGH!  I hate writing the synopsis. It's a necessary evil, but that doesn't make it any easier to write, but write it I shall and trudge on I shall continue to do.
I am hard at work on the sequel to it, though and this one proves to be quite a tug at the emotional strings.
Writing awaits me so off to work I go. Until next time....Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Have books...will travel to far away places...to other times...the destinations are endless....
Read a book from cover to cover and you will never be alone.
I'd rather be writing...oh and I am.
I finally sent out queries for Far Away Hills late last year after much contemplation. So far, I've received a few responses; all rejections, though a few were personal responses, which is always nice.
I am now at work at sending out more queries.

Meanwhile, I'm busy at work at writing up a synopsis for my second novel, All Heaven Allows aka Body and Soul, another commercial women's fiction book and one I'm equally excited about it....

This is a story about Hollywood, about actors and actresses and the subtle yet intricate way that some of their lives intermingle. It is a tale of love, forgiveness, the dynamics of family, making mistakes, accepting, letting go and moving forward.
Sixty two year old Diana Masters has just divorced husband number six and with that, she lost half of her assets in a nasty divorce and has sworn off men. That is until forty year old attorney Michael Sandoval reenters her life and sweeps her off her feet. Her dear friend and Michael’s younger sister, Samantha Steed seems to have the perfect life, but inner demons, a greedy louse of an ex-husband, and lingering health problems threaten to destroy the fragile world she created. Still reeling from her divorce of six years ago, she tries not to get involved with the one man she should have married.  Network President Richard Berry has loved Sam for the last seven years, but she married another and her short marriage ended in divorce. Out of pain and rejection, he married another on a spur of the weekend in Las Vegas and regrets his choice. He’s back in town to look out for Sam, and if she’ll have him, make her a part of his life forever. First, he must get rid of his wife, Lorraine Barrett. ...
And there's more to come....After one more edit, I will begin to query and see what happens.
Meanwhile, I'm also busy with working on the sequel to Body and Soul, which proves to be as emotionally tugging as the previous two novels. We shall see where this one leads to....

Monday, January 13, 2014

Ah-here we approaching the middle of January in the year 2014. I don't know about you, but so far this year hasn't been too good for us. Field mice attacked our two vehicles where we live in the country and put both our vehicles out of commission and the dealerships have to order the parts. A word of warning: mice don't just nest in automobiles. They also like to chew on wiring. Ouch! Too bad, they don't get fried doing so. don't get me wrong; I love animals but what these mice did to us is shameful and totally inexcusable. Now we have to play sentry and try and get rid of the humanely, if we can.
    But onto other things...I just finished reading an assortment of books while trying to keep my head above water as I work on writing two books of my own and here are the ones I read with short reviews for you to peruse...


Infantry Soldier: Holding the Lines at the Battle of the Bulge (Paperback) The author, a journalist in later life, was a 23-year-old rifleman in the U.S. Army's 99th Division during the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944. The 99th had reached the European front the month before and distinguished itself in anchoring the vital northern flank during that last German counteroffensive.
this is an intriguing tale of the Battle of the Bulge told from the POV from an infantry soldier that was there when it happened and recounted it here. The writing is well done and makes the reader feel as if he/she is there with him on the field of this famous showdown between American and German forces. If you're looking for a good war story, or one specifically about "the Bulge", may I recommend this one?
Overall, well done. Don't expect any fluff or pretty writing. Written by a journalist, it is strictly the facts as they happened and witnessed by a foot soldier.

Justice: Crimes, Trials, and Punishments (Paperback) I discovered this author when I read the Two Mrs. Grenvilles, a book I had in my home library for years, but never read. I enjoyed his writing and decided to read his others. This was one of them. This is an enjoyable book. Unlike some of his other books, though, this one is not fiction. Dunne writes well, though not a literary author, he knows how to keep the pages turning. Told from the insider about some of the more high-profiled murder cases. Overall, this is a well written book and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

  The Majesty of the Horse: An Illustrated History (Hardcover) 

Impressive: Beautiful book with beautiful photography! A worthwhile purchase for any horse lover!
This is really a beautiful photography with remarkable photography. I'm a horse collector and a new collector of breyer's and schleich horses. I used to own horses and words can not express the beauty of this book; very impressive.
Overall, I don't hesitate to recommend this book to anyone else with the slightest interest in horses. this was a wonderful purchased as a gift to myself.

Another City, Not My Own: A Novel (Paperback) I discovered this author when I read the Two Mrs. Greenvilles, a book I had in my home library for years, but never read. I enjoyed his writing and decided to read his others. This was one of them. This is an enjoyable book. If you enjoy gossip and name dropping, you'll enjoy this one. This is another intriguing tale about the upper class.
It's a quick read and you'll find yourself turning the pages as you read it.

Too Much Money: A Novel (Paperback) I discovered this author when I read the Two Mrs. Greenvilles, a book I had in my home library for years, but never read. I enjoyed his writing and decided to read his others. This was one of them. This was the author's final book. Not as good as his other, but still an enjoyable book just the same. If you enjoy gossip and name dropping, you'll enjoy this one. This is another intriguing tale about the upper class.
Overall, an enjoyable book. Not a work of literary fiction, but enjoyable just the same.

The Monster at the End of This Book (Sesame Street) (Little Golden Book) (Hardcover) 
    Cute, funny read for children of all ages, of the child in you.     
I'm a bit older than the intended audience for this book and I remember reading it when it first came out. This is still a favorite of mine that makes me chuckle whenever I fit a bit blue. Who doesn't love Grover? Children loved it when it came out and I can imagine they still do.
Overall, this is a cute book and cute read and I have no hesitation recommending for the children in your life or the child in you.   

Until next time....Happy Reading!