Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Wednesday all! It's hump-day with Friday around the corner. Yay! Aren't you excited? Tickled Pink? glowing with enthusiasm? I am. I love weekends, especially long ones.

I have some exciting news to share. Here it goes, ready for it?

      I just signed a contract to publish my novel....

      I just signed a contract with Black Opal Books to publish my novel Shattered Lies.
Shattered Lies is a women's fiction/family saga. A story set in the deep south where old values clash with modern values; where secrets that surface can destroy the very soul of everyone involved.

      Kate Thayer has a good life as a veterinarian running the family horse farm until she uncovers an act of unimaginable treachery by those she trusted most and discovers that everything she knew about herself was a lie. Her paternal grandmother, the woman that raised her is behind a series of escalating secrets she is compelled to uncover and the more she questions the more she learns.

Here's the link for you to check out, if you

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